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Established in 1997 in Aligöz, Acıpayam in the province of Denizli producing milk and milk products, Aynes has always attached priority to quality and increased its capacity continuously.

Its foundation mission is based on the principle of producing organic and healthy products that do not contain any additives harmful for human health and has itself the goal of raising healthy generations with its products.

Milestones since the day that it was established;

Considering that the very basis of producing quality milk products is to produce quality raw material (i.e. raw milk), Aynes restructured its Acıpayam/Denizli feed facilities privatized in 1993 under the brand name of Ayyem in 1997 in order to increase the milk quality of its business stakeholders, i.e. the milk suppliers and completed the preparation process to enter the milk industry.

The first phase of the milk factory investment was completed in the same year and the factory became operational; the white cheese facilities became operational in 1997, yogurt and yogurt drink facilities became operational in 1999 and the UHT milk facilities became operational in 2007.

The field training activities that strengthened our links with milk suppliers and that made us the greatest power in milk supply in the region started in 1998.

The Quality Award was received in 2010 on the World Food Day organized jointly by the FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture and Husbandry.

The group companies AYYEM and AYNES were merged under the name of AYNES FOOD INC. in 2011.

AYNES was selected as the fastest growing company in Turkey in 2011.

AYNES was audited and approved by the FVO delegation in the project carried out in 2012 in order to export milk products to the EU countries and AYNES was certified as one of the few companies in Turkey 2012 that was granted the permission to export milk products to the EU countries.

The basis of the first energy investment by Aynes was laid in 2012 in order to produce our own energy. Investments were made in the cargo fleet in the same year and the fleet was incorporated into the company.

The Largest Food Exporter of the Year registered to the Denizli Exporter Union Award was received in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The export made by Aynes to Greece in 2013 marked the first export from Turkey to the European Union countries after a long break.

The ranking of Aynes always followed an upward trend in the top 500 industrial companies list of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry. The company entered the list first in 2009 ranking as the 414th company and achieved to rank the 158th company within only 6 years in 2014.

Aynes will continue to grow in domestic and international markets thanks to the new investments made considering both the domestic and the international markets.