Why do I prefer Aynes White Cheese?

  • The White cheese manufactured by processing quality farm milk in fully automated, state-of-the-art production lines is hygienic and tasty.
  • Once the pasteurization process is completed, the milk is fermented and is then put in molds in automated machinery to give shape to it without using any conventional drainage cloth or press methods. It is a completely automated process.
  • We offer consumers a hygienic product with the same taste in each and every pack.
  • The yeast that we use is completely organic and meets all halal requirements.
  • One of the many tasty Aynes white cheese alternatives based on a very exclusive recipe: Aynes Lokum (Delight) Cheese.

Why do I prefer Aynes Fresh Kashkaval Cheese?

  • After pasteurized, high quality farm milk is processed in closed automatic self-cleaning process machinery.
  • The curd obtained is boiled and then placed in molds in automatic machinery and the preliminary aging is carried out in customized rooms on the shelves washed each time after use. The cheese is then packed for consumption purposes.
  • All manufacturing environments observe the highest level of hygiene.

Why do I prefer Aynes Uht milk?

  • Aynes Uht milk is manufactured using the Lactenso technology, the latest technology used in the industry.
  • The Lactenso technology is based on heating the milk gradually and cooling it fast. Thus, the nutritive value of the Aynes UHT milk manufactured is preserved.

Why do I prefer Aynes Yogurt?

With its cream, cream-free and strained yogurt options, the taste and the stability of each and every box of Aynes yogurt produced untouched under hygienic conditions using the latest technology is the same.

Why do I prefer Aynes Strained Yogurt?:

The traditional and highly nutritional organic strained yogurt preserves and offers the traditional taste to customers.

Why do I prefer Aynes Fruit Yogurt?

Fruit yogurt with many tasty alternatives containing real and tasty pieces of fruit (forest fruit, strawberry, peach, apricot etc.) It is a tasty and nutritive product.

And my reasons to consume the other tasty Aynes products:

  • Aynes products are produced from the highest quality milk.
  • Aynes believes that the very basis of producing quality milk products is to produce quality raw materials (raw milk). For this reason, it has been the only company in the industry since 1993 offering the right atmosphere to milk suppliers for the provision of quality raw milk since the company aims to increase the milk quality provided by milk suppliers as they are the business stakeholders. Thus, the company has also invested in the highest quality feed production under the Ayyem brand name.
  • The technologies utilized have been chosen to fulfill the purpose of producing more beneficial products for human health.
  • Each and every product produced at Aynes wellness and health milk facilities do not only offer our know-how and technology but also our commitment to offer you wellness and health.