The basic principles of AYNES are as follows:
• To offer high quality products and services

• To protect people’s health and the environment

• To be a company that staff are proud of working at

• To achieve the highest standards in Occupational Health and Safety

• To ensure that business ethics comes first in each and every activity

It is one of our essential principles to be a company that is capable of making projections about the changes in the needs and expectations of its customers, staff, other stakeholders and the society, to meet and exceed these needs and expectations and to develop management strategies to continuously improve oneself further.

The greatest richness that AYNES has got is its staff. The quality of our products and services start with the quality of our staff. Attracting and recruiting the best staff and trained workforce to our company, to make maximum use of our competencies, to increase staff’s efficiency and to contribute to their development and to create a work environment based on collaboration and solidarity will continue to be the path followed and provided by AYNES to its staff for the sustainability of the business.

Main pillars of our policy:
• To become the most preferred company and to recruit qualified workforce

• In line with company strategies and objectives, to recruit qualified workforce who are in line with our corporate culture and values

• To offer staff individual and professional development opportunities for continuous development based on the performance management approach through which staff can display their potential 

• To increase the loyalty of our most valuable asset “our human resource” to the company so as to continue our contribution to company objectives

Business Culture
• To create and sustain a corporate culture based on respect, sharing and the values of “being customer oriented, reliable, innovative, responsible and scarifying”

• To establish a continuous relationship with our staff and stakeholders based on respect, trust and ethical values